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RE: the beep

From: Troy Motte
Subject: RE: the beep
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 10:29:44 -0600

> > i apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge.  anyhow:
> Your reading the manual page certainly would have helped.  It 
> says, in the
> description of readline variables that may be set in your 
> inputrc file:


Well, I suppose I should read all 86 pages of the manual.  That should only
take a couple hours.

When I did read the man page(s), I searched for "beep".  Since the
documentation considers the correct term to be "bell", I didn't find it.  I
don't know anybody who calls it a "bell".

> > i cannot fathom what useable purpose this beep serves, other than to
> > irritate the living hell out of me.  
> Yes, that's exactly why I did it.

Well, that pretty much defines you as a jerk.  

Thanks for the explanations.

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