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Hey if you want to make a little money read on

From: wadawd
Subject: Hey if you want to make a little money read on
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 09:28:38 GMT

Alright, so I was deperate for some cash so I could buy a couple things to soup 
up my car. So I went on google and searched for fast and easy ways to make 
money. Well after browsing through a bunch of stuff I found a letter from a guy 
who said that he found a way to make quick money from $6. Well I was thinking 
the same thing I think when I see infomercials on TV, and that's that only 
people with enough spare time and money would invest in this garbage, but I 
fugured unlike the others, $6 wasn't so unreasonable and it wouldn't kill me.

The plan was to send mail to 6 different people on a list. In each envelope put 
a single dollar bill. That's it for the investment part. Then get rid of the 
address at the top of the list, put yours at the bottom, and move all the 
others up. I'm hoping I'm speaking plain enough english for you. Really the 
only precaution I took was to wrap the dollar bill in a piece of paper just in 
case some mailman felt like getting himself a free cheeseburger from McDonalds 
from my buck.

So that was it, I did it. And the final step was to put this new letter with 
your address too, on the net. So I found a list of email addresses that someone 
compiled, and me being the jerk I am, I sent a mass message to each of the 
people on the list. I figured this wouldn't work but what the hell, it was kind 
of fun to think I partook in it. So like two weeks go buy and I get $20 in the 
mail. I figure cool. I made a little. I mean it wasn't much, but whatever, I 
made my $6 back plus another $14. So whatever, it didn't really work out like I 
was thinking, you know, like a trillion dollars and everything. Well the next 
week I got $98 in the mail. So that made me happy obviously. And then the next 
week I got another $79. Man this was pretty good. I got myself a couple of new 
gadgets for my car over the next few weeks and made like $400 in total. I mean 
it's not bad.

Like I said, it's nothing huge, but it was only a $6 investment, so if you need 
some cash fairly quickly and don't mind spending a little, then why not? I mean 
it's like the other guy wrote in the note i read, it's only $6!

Good luck making any money, I'm sure you'll make as much if not more than I did.

1- Bjarte Soeiland 
Kraakenestoppen 90 
N-5065 Boenes, NORWAY 

2- Aaron Pomerleau 
23333 Davis Mill Rd. 
Germantown, MD 20876 

3- TR Enterprises 
27071 Kennedy Rd. 
Willow Beach, Ontario 
L0E 1S0, Box 249 

4- Shaun Rotman 
42 Ridelle Avenue 
Toronto, ON M6B 1H8 

5- A.L. 
Rimon 631/24 
Natzareth illit, T.D. 13123 
ISRAEL (17000) 

168 Hamilton Rd.
Chapel Hill NC 27514
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