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Re: test suite failures under MacOS X

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: test suite failures under MacOS X
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 13:48:00 -0400

> I have been trying to get bash 2.05 working under MacOS X. 
> Everything compiles without trouble, and the resulting binary seems 
> to be run just fine in my informal tests.  However, when I run the 
> included test suite, I get failures in the following tests:
> run-cond, run-extglob, run-extglob2, run-glob-test, run-posixpat

The problem is in the MacOS X implementation of shared libraries (which
it inherited from NeXT).

Bash uses its own (internal) version of fnmatch(3), which has been
extended to do ksh-style `extended globbing' (shopt -s extglob),
POSIX.2-style character classes in pattern matching ([:alpha:], etc.),
and other less-important POSIX.2 features.  Other Unix shared library
implementations allow functions in an executable to override functions
with the same name found in shared libraries.  MacOS X doesn't. 

The MacOS linker doesn't complain about the redefinition, just ignores

I'll probably change the name of the bash pattern matching function, but
that won't appear until bash-2.06 (or whatever I name the next release).


``The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne.'' - Chaucer
( ``Discere est Dolere'' -- chet)

Chet Ramey, CWRU    address@hidden    http://cnswww.cns.cwru.edu/~chet/

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