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bash2.05 doesn't read $HISTFILE on startup if .bashrc contains history -

From: Markus Schwarzenberg
Subject: bash2.05 doesn't read $HISTFILE on startup if .bashrc contains history -s
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 09:17:24 +0200 (MET DST)

Configuration Information [Automatically generated, do not change]:
Machine: sparc
OS: solaris2.7
Compiler: gcc
Compilation CFLAGS:  -DPROGRAM='bash' -DCONF_HOSTTYPE='sparc' 
-DCONF_OSTYPE='solaris2.7' -DCONF_MACHTYPE='sparc-sun-solaris2.7' 
-DCONF_VENDOR='sun' -DSHELL -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -I.  -I. -I./include -I./lib 
-I/sw/opensrc/include -O3
uname output: SunOS sund32 5.7 Generic_106541-20 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10
Machine Type: sparc-sun-solaris2.7

Bash Version: 2.05b
Patch Level: 0
Release Status: release


This is a correction of the bug report I sent yesterday:

It looks like bash2.05 doesn't read the contens of the history file 
($HISTFILE) on startup if .bashrc contains commands 
  history -s <SOME STRING>


generate a synthetical history file "bash-histfile"

------- bash-histfile ------
------- end of bash-histfile ------

and a simple rc-file "bash-rc"

------- bash-rc ------
echo reading bash-rc
history -s "Mark 1"
------- end of bash-rc ------

If bash 2.05b is started using 
  bash --rcfile bash-rc -i
one finds only one entry "Mark 1" in the history of the started shell.

However, if one tries the same with "history -s" commented out 
the contens of bash-histfile can be found in the history as expected.


(I'd rather call it workaround) Putting an explicit

  history -r 

at the end of .bashrc helps.

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