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Re: Re: Movie

From: Wordsmith
Subject: Re: Re: Movie
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2003 00:54:45 -0400

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The following commands are accepted by the wordserver. Please note that the
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   acronym myword
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To add a new acronym to the database, make the subject line:
   addacronym ACRONYM expansion
Do not put a period between the letters.

For example to add the acronym IBM, the command would be:
    addacronym IBM International Business Machines

To know more about Acronym/by/Mail, make the subject line:
   info Acronym/by/Mail


To find anagrams:
   anagram myword
where myword is the word(s) whose anagrams you want to find.

To know more about Anagram/by/Mail, make the subject line:
   info Anagram/by/Mail

If you have access to the Web, you can access the Internet Anagram server at:

----------------------- SUMMARY OF WORDSERVER COMMANDS --------------------

(all commands should be sent in the subject line to address@hidden)
Service             To do this     | Send this Command    |  Example
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A.Word.A.Day        join           | subscribe your name  | subscribe Jane Doe
                    sign off       | unsubscribe          | unsubscribe
                    get archives   | archive mmyy         | archive 0796
                    get FAQ        | info A.Word.A.Day    | info
                    get AWADmail   | awadmail nn          | awadmail 09

Dictionary/by/Mail  get definition | define myword        | define computer
                    get FAQ        | info Dictionary/by/Mail

Thesaurus/by/Mail   get synonyms   | synonym myword       | synonym love
                    get FAQ        | info Thesaurus/by/Mail

Acronym/by/Mail     get expansion  | acronym myacronym    | acronym IBM
                    get FAQ        | info Acronym/by/Mail |
                    add acronym    | addacronym ACRONYM expansion

Anagram/by/Mail     get anagrams   | anagram myword       | anagram santa claus
                    get FAQ        | info Anagram/by/Mail |
                                   |                      |

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"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in a rather scornful tone,
"it means just what I choose it to mean--neither more nor less."
                        -Lewis Carroll [Through the Looking Glass]

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