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Stalled post to pgsql-ports

From: pgsql-ports-owner
Subject: Stalled post to pgsql-ports
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 03:52:12 -0400

Your message to pgsql-ports has been delayed, and requires the approval 
of the moderators, for the following reason(s):

The author (address@hidden)
  is not a member of any of the restrict_post groups.

If you do not wish the message to be posted, or have other concerns, 
please send a message to the list owners at the following address: 
--- Begin Message --- Subject: Status (address@hidden) Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 16:50:29 +0900
------------------  Virus Warning Message (on vw2)

Found virus WORM_NETSKY.Q in file mail17004.pif
The file mail17004.pif is moved to /etc/iscan/virus/virRZFS.bWtH.

- Hokkaido University VirusWall -----------------
Mail Delivery - This mail couldn't be displayed

------------- failed message -------------

The message has been sent as a binary attachment.

------------------  Virus Warning Message (on vw2)

mail17004.pif is removed from here because it contains a virus.

- Hokkaido University VirusWall -----------------

--- End Message ---

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