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Re: command not found magic

From: Ken Irving
Subject: Re: command not found magic
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 07:20:03 -0900
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On Thu, Dec 04, 2008 at 08:45:48AM -0500, Chet Ramey wrote:
> Roman Rakus wrote:
> > Hi,
> > probably you heard about this topic. It is invoked by ubuntu guys. See
> > https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/command-not-found-magic
> > I would like to know, what do you think about it. It needs a small
> > change in bash.
> This will be in bash-4.0, with some improvements.

Another wish-list item for that would be to pass the complete argument
list to the handler.  The current patch for this (in debian, same as
ubuntu) only provides the failed command name, no arguments.


Ken Irving, address@hidden, 907-474-6152
Water and Environmental Research Center
Institute of Northern Engineering
University of Alaska, Fairbanks

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