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bash-4.0 filename completion

From: Krzysiek Pawlik
Subject: bash-4.0 filename completion
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 21:24:48 +0000
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With bash-4.0-10 I get following behavior:

$ touch 'a file with spaces'
$ touch 'a File with spaces'
$ touch 'a File With spaces'
$ cat a<TAB>

After pressing TAB completion seems to stop working, pressing Ctrl-i (another
bind for `complete') also doesn't work, using Alt+/ (bind for complete-filename)

It happens with bash-4.0* but works ok in bash-3.2*. Completing file names with
open single quotation (cat 'a<TAB>) also does not work.

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Krzysiek Pawlik   <nelchael at gentoo.org>   key id: 0xBC555551
desktop-misc, java, apache, ppc, vim, kernel, python...

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