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Re: Resolving quoted COMP_CWORD on bash-4

From: Freddy Vulto
Subject: Re: Resolving quoted COMP_CWORD on bash-4
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 10:44:06 +0200

The patch seems to to work all right.  I've tested nested strings and
they all return the right CWORD with bash-4.0.33 patched:

   $ a foo'bar <TAB>   # Returns foo'bar
   $ a "foo'' bar <TAB>  # Returns "foo'' bar

I just found a corner case bug, but that seems to be in bash-3 as
well.  The command:

   $ b'<TAB>

doesn't complete with commands but with local filenames, although this
is a valid command:

   $ b'ash'

All in all, the patch seems like an improvement to me.

Freddy Vulto

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