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ia64/ld/bfd pltoff problem

From: Belochapka, Konstantin
Subject: ia64/ld/bfd pltoff problem
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 16:22:47 -0700

Ia64 ld crashes when it meets instruction that contains @pltoff

I have discovered that the crash happens inside of the 
ia64_size_dynamic_sections() function, file \bfd\elfxx-ia64.c
It appears that on the function entry pltoff section info was not yet created. 

I have made fix for this problem

elfNN_ia64_check_relocs, file \bfd\elfxx-ia64.c
line 2480:
      if (need_entry & NEED_PLTOFF) {
        dyn_i->want_pltoff = 1;
        if( !get_pltoff (abfd, info, ia64_info)) return FALSE;   /* create 
pltoff info */

Hope someone more familiar with the source will make this fix in more elegant 

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