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Re: gprof 2.14 glitches w/ powerpc elf binaries

From: Njuguna Njoroge
Subject: Re: gprof 2.14 glitches w/ powerpc elf binaries
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 14:14:50 -0700

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your response. Please see below.

Nick Clifton wrote:

> Hi Njuguna,
> > I observed that when gprof is executed w/ binaries targeted for the
> > PowerPC (like the 405D in our case), gprof inserts functions in the
> > histogram and call graph tables that were never executed (i.e. their
> > addresses were never referenced).
> Actually what is probably happening is that gprof is trying to associate
> an address in the executable with a function name, and it is this
> association which is going wrong.  So for example the reference to
> Letext is probably actually an address somewhere near the end of the
> .text section.
> This problem may be a result of the debug format that you are using, or
> it may be a binutils problem.  You could try upgrading to the 2.15
> binutils release

The 2.15 release uses gprof version 2.14, which is the same one that came with
the binutils 2.14 release.

> and if that does not work then you could try the
> current mainline sources in the CVS repository.

> Failing that if you can
> create a small, reproducible test case we can try to look into it ourselves.

Do you want the binary (elf file) and the gmon.out file?

> Cheers
>    Nick

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