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Re: BUG elf32-i386 R_386_PC32 done wrong

From: doctor electron
Subject: Re: BUG elf32-i386 R_386_PC32 done wrong
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 19:45:38 -0500

Long, long ago, Ian Lance Taylor, a life form in far off space,

>the four bytes affected by R_386_PC32

Dear Ian, I think a single statement edit would fix ld re rel
relocs:  The place where we read the "four bytes affected" now
is the equivalent of

x = [the four bytes]  ...or... mov eax,[esi]

We need to change that one statement to the equivalent of

x = -4  ...or... mov eax,-4

Would you be so kind as to inform us of the file/line number of
that statement?  If so, we'll recompile (I have a friend who can
do that) and test the fixed ld on both my and existing object
files.  TIA, Jim

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