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A newbie question in relation to gnu gas programming

From: chinlu chinawa
Subject: A newbie question in relation to gnu gas programming
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 20:43:35 +0100 (BST)


I find self learning assembly with gas. I've done a
termios shell which allows me interactivity, and I'm
trying to start dealing with the implementation of a
programming language, which I've always found such an
intesesting subject to spend time on, as a hobbie

After having implemented isnum, ischar, lookahead
alike functions, etc. and doing compsb against a
harcoded .asciz variable of my pimitive name to find
it within the input buffer, I stopped and started
digging on how professionals do this.

Then I found yacc, lex, etc, and lr(1). By what I
could understabd, I think I need an lr(1)
implementation, though not even reading about it can
get to implement it.

I haven't found any example on how to do it
independent of the target language, and for ignorants
such as me, so I'm stuck with this.

While I thought I could go start with a single "a=1",
and then start growing, or even writting an
application that would output tables for my assembly
program, not even I am.

And I'm asking myself if anyone involved with gnu gas
development could tell me something about, where to
find some good example (good knows I've been hardly
looking for this), where to ask or something that
helps me someway or another.

Kind Regards,

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