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[Bug ld/2750] ld has problem with -shared, and GDB, SUN solaris 10 X86 (

From: tan at absolute-eda dot com
Subject: [Bug ld/2750] ld has problem with -shared, and GDB, SUN solaris 10 X86 (amd)
Date: 29 Jun 2006 22:47:22 -0000

------- Additional Comments From tan at absolute-eda dot com  2006-06-29 22:47 
no luck with binutil 2.17.  
Gcc 4.1.1 + binutil ==> can not dynamic link with .so
                    ==> GDB runs fine, except it cannot break in C++ routine is 
                    ==> dbx works fine

Gcc-3.4.3 (come with the box) + binutil 1.17 ==> same

Gcc-3.4.3 + sun's ld ==> dynmaic link works
                     ==> GDB error with DW_FORM message
                     ==> dbx runs fine.

So, eithe ld of binutil has bug, or gcc has bugs, or GDB has bug on SUN Ulta 20
(x86) solaris.  All they all have bugs.

The kicker here is that we have problem creating a small code to show the
problem.  If you are in Santa Clara you are welcome to drop by to take a look. 
If you have some debugging aids, I can run them.





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