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objdump m68k

From: harimw
Subject: objdump m68k
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2006 08:58:25 +0700

dear maintainer,

recently I used objdump (of binutils-2.17) to disassembly a relocatable
object intended for m68000 bases system. It turned out that objdump
can't recognize the effective address for every JSR instructions. Here
is an example,

   0:   4e56 0000       linkw %fp,#0
   4:   2f3c 5741 524d  movel #1463898701,address@hidden
   a:   4eb9 0000 0000  jsr 0 <rpnff_bootram>
  10:   4eb9 0000 0000  jsr 0 <rpnff_bootram>
  16:   4e5e            unlk %fp
  18:   4e75            rts

translated from the following binary data,

0000000: 4e56 0000 2f3c 5741 524d 4eb9 bad8 25bb  NV../<WARMN...%.
0000010: 024e b9ba c92a bb04 4e5e 4e75            .N...*..N^Nu

The original binary clearly show 4 bytes after 4eb9 (JSR) is not empty.
This object file is build using Microtec linker, and its format follows
IEEE-695 standard.

Thanks very much.



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