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[Bug ld/7031] New linker command file function: REGION_ALIAS

From: nickc at redhat dot com
Subject: [Bug ld/7031] New linker command file function: REGION_ALIAS
Date: 6 Jan 2009 16:37:02 -0000

------- Additional Comments From nickc at redhat dot com  2009-01-06 16:36 
Hi Sebastian,

  The patch looks good - thanks very much for persevering with this.

In answer to your questions:

* Yes stat_alloc() is the right function to use.
* Quoting names like this is preferred.
* You are correct, the prototype for lang_memory_region_default is redundant.
* There is no separate documentation for writing testcases.  But it is
relatively simple to do by taking an already existing testcase (or two) and
modifying them to suit your needs.

So, in order to accept this patch, or rather an extended version of it, we will

  * A copyright assignment on file with the FSF for binutils contributions.

  * Documentation of the new feature in ld/ld.texinfo plus a one line
description of it in ld/NEWS.

  * A testcase or two to make sure that it works, and continues to work as
changes are made to the linker in the future.




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