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Mispelling in bfdlink.h? - enum bfd_link_common_skip_ar_(a/s)ymbols

From: Kristoffer Langeland
Subject: Mispelling in bfdlink.h? - enum bfd_link_common_skip_ar_(a/s)ymbols
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 05:30:34 +0200

While rummaging around in bfdlink.h I came across an enum, as well as a single use of it looking like this (line 371, in struct bfd_link_info):

  /* Criteria for skipping symbols when detemining <-(determining)
     whether to include an object from an archive. */
  enum bfd_link_common_skip_ar_aymbols common_skip_ar_aymbols;
As even the comment speaks of symbols I'm pretty sure this should be ..._skip_ar_symbols across the board.
Is this a simple typo? Perhaps a well known oddity preserved for sentimental reasons? Perhaps a quiet rebellion agains typing 'symbol' over and over again? Or is it impossible to change the header because it will break other software using the bfd library?

grep tells me there's around 6 (4 in source, 2 in changelogs) references to this enum (and the field in bfd_link_info) in the binutils 2.19 sources. As far as I can see, all added by the same person at the same time (back in 2002). I considered contacting the original author directly, but he has not made a posting to the binutils mailing list since then (I think). I'm bothering you in stead.
Thank you for your time.

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