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Syntax of '.set' assembler directive in GNU assembler

From: Jeffi Edward.J
Subject: Syntax of '.set' assembler directive in GNU assembler
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 22:59:33 -0700 (PDT)


I have a doubt in using GNU assembler. 
I have powerpc-eabi cross toolchain with me. 
I have to use powerpc-eabi-as assembler on a assembly file which is written
to be compatible with Diab (powerpc cross) assembler. 
My GNU assembler issues few errors in assembler directives, since the syntax
differs between Diab and GNU assembly language. 

For e.g, the .set directive has following syntax in GNU assembly language: 
.set    SYMBOL,    value 

whereas, in Diab assembly language, .set directive has 2 different syntax: 
.set    SYMBOL,    value # -> the symbol may not be redefined later 
SYMBOL:   .set     value # -> if redefinition is required 

I could see in GNU assembler manual that for HPPA target, the syntax of .set
directive is 
SYMBOL:   .set     value # (same as Diab assembly syntax) 

Is there any option to make GNU assembler to understand the above syntax for
powerpc target? 


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