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Re: Error while compiling Binutils-2.20

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: Error while compiling Binutils-2.20
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 10:39:44 +0000
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Hi Marco,

libtool: link: ar rc .libs/libbfd.a  archive.o archures.o bfd.o bfdio.o 
bfdwin.o cache.o coffgen.o corefile.o format.o init.o libbfd.o opncls.o reloc.o 
section.o syms.o targets.o hash.o linker.o srec.o binary.o tekhex.o ihex.o 
stabs.o stab-syms.o merge.o dwarf2.o simple.o compress.o verilog.o elf32-i386.o 
elf-ifunc.o elf-vxworks.o elf32.o elf.o elflink.o elf-attrs.o elf-strtab.o 
elf-eh-frame.o dwarf1.o i386linux.o aout32.o pei-i386.o peigen.o cofflink.o 
elf32-gen.o cpu-i386.o trad-core.o
ar: symbol lookup error: ar: undefined symbol: bfd_plugin_set_program_name

I tried to reproduce this problem, but failed. :-(

The bfd_plugin_set_program_name symbol is defined in plugin.o which should be included in the libbfd.a library mentioned above. Can you check to see if it is there, or if the bfd/plugin.c file was mis-compiled somehow ?


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