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[Bug binutils/12110] Spaces in pathname breaks compilation

From: bryan at brush dot co.nz
Subject: [Bug binutils/12110] Spaces in pathname breaks compilation
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 02:28:12 +0000


--- Comment #2 from Bryan Hoyt <bryan at brush dot co.nz> 2010-10-12 02:27:58 
UTC ---
Ok. Blame shifted appropriately ;-)

I don't think I'll bother posting a bug report to the make people. I'm sure if
they haven't fixed the issue by now, there's probably some deep architectural
flaw which makes it next to impossible to fix...


(In reply to comment #1)
> Shell quoting is easy to fix, but more than just shell commands break if your
> sources are in a path containing spaces.  The big problem is "make".  VPATH
> will break, as will rules like
> $(srcdir)/Makefile.in: @MAINT@ $(srcdir)/Makefile.tpl $(srcdir)/Makefile.def
>     cd "$(srcdir)" && $(AUTOGEN) Makefile.def
> For example, if srcdir="/src/i like spaces", the above target becomes
> /src/i like spaces/Makefile.in:
> and make will try to build three targets, "/src/i", "like", and
> "spaces/Makefile.in".
> This is not just a binutils issue, since the top level configure and make 
> files
> are shared between binutils, gcc, and other projects.

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