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[Bug ld/12455] Undefined reference error with ld.dk

From: davek at gcc dot gnu.org
Subject: [Bug ld/12455] Undefined reference error with ld.dk
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 17:46:44 +0000


--- Comment #2 from Dave Korn <davek at gcc dot gnu.org> 2011-02-01 17:46:30 
UTC ---
I just took a closer read of the subject line... guess you are getting a
different error than me.  Don't know why you're not getting this, like I do:

$ make
gcc-4 -flto -o prog main.o foobar.o
lto1: internal compiler error: compressed stream: data error
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See <http://gcc.gnu.org/bugs.html> for instructions.
lto-wrapper: gcc-4 returned 1 exit status
/usr/bin/ld: lto-wrapper failed
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [prog] Error 1

... but it could be a matter of luck to do with the size of the lto sections. 
Anyway I have to work on this problem next as I'm also getting it for your
testcase in PR12430.

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