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[Bug gprof/12468] Missing functions and call counts

From: vincent.riviere at freesbee dot fr
Subject: [Bug gprof/12468] Missing functions and call counts
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 14:58:37 +0000


--- Comment #1 from Vincent Rivière <vincent.riviere at freesbee dot fr> 
2011-02-05 14:58:23 UTC ---
This bug comes from gprof/corefile.c, in the function

Old code was:
symtab.limit->is_func = TRUE;

But the new code is:
symtab.limit->is_func = (core_syms[i]->flags & BSF_FUNCTION) != 0;

If I'm not wrong, the BSF_FUNCTION flag is not available on a.out targets, so
the symbols are never considered as functions.

It works fine when I revert to TRUE unconditionally.
Ideally, the BSF_FUNCTION flag should be tested only if it is available on the

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