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[Bug gold/12485] Support for automatic linking via pragma

From: ccoutant at google dot com
Subject: [Bug gold/12485] Support for automatic linking via pragma
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 23:00:45 +0000


Cary Coutant <ccoutant at google dot com> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Cary Coutant <ccoutant at google dot com> 2011-02-28 
23:00:28 UTC ---
I think it's a great idea, and have wanted to see this feature in Unix for a
long time. Yes, there will need to be some cooperation with gcc, but that could
be as simple as a note section, from which the linker could read additional -l
options. There will be some additional complexity in determining where in the
link order these additional options should be placed: a complete solution would
have each library and each relocatable object note all of its direct
dependencies so that the linker could construct a topological ordering. At that
point, you could in theory just say "ld main.o" and get a working program out.

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