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[Bug ld/12758] LTO doesn't work with --start-group and archive

From: hjl.tools at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug ld/12758] LTO doesn't work with --start-group and archive
Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 04:25:46 +0000


--- Comment #1 from H.J. Lu <hjl.tools at gmail dot com> 2011-05-14 04:25:29 
UTC ---
It may be a compiler bug.  For some reason, LTO symbol
table is totally different from normal symbol table:

address@hidden liba-failure]$ nm --plugin
         U _ctype
00000000 T memscan
00000000 T skip_spaces
00000000 T strim
00000000 T strlcat
00000000 T strlcpy
00000000 T strnchr
00000000 T strnicmp
00000000 T strnlen
00000000 T strnstr
00000000 T strsep
00000000 T sysfs_streq
address@hidden liba-failure]$ nm lib/string.o 0000000000000000 r .LC0
0000000000000001 C __gnu_lto_v1
0000000000000000 r __kstrtab_memchr
000000000000001e r __kstrtab_memcmp
0000000000000016 r __kstrtab_memscan
0000000000000064 r __kstrtab_skip_spaces
00000000000000d0 r __kstrtab_strcasecmp
00000000000000a6 r __kstrtab_strcat
0000000000000080 r __kstrtab_strchr
000000000000008f r __kstrtab_strcmp
00000000000000bd r __kstrtab_strcpy
0000000000000040 r __kstrtab_strcspn
000000000000005e r __kstrtab_strim
0000000000000096 r __kstrtab_strlcat
00000000000000ad r __kstrtab_strlcpy
0000000000000057 r __kstrtab_strlen
00000000000000c4 r __kstrtab_strncasecmp
000000000000009e r __kstrtab_strncat
0000000000000070 r __kstrtab_strnchr
0000000000000087 r __kstrtab_strncmp
00000000000000b5 r __kstrtab_strncpy
00000000000000db r __kstrtab_strnicmp
000000000000004f r __kstrtab_strnlen
0000000000000007 r __kstrtab_strnstr
0000000000000038 r __kstrtab_strpbrk
0000000000000078 r __kstrtab_strrchr
0000000000000031 r __kstrtab_strsep
0000000000000048 r __kstrtab_strspn
000000000000000f r __kstrtab_strstr
0000000000000025 r __kstrtab_sysfs_streq
0000000000000000 r __ksymtab_memchr
0000000000000040 r __ksymtab_memcmp
0000000000000030 r __ksymtab_memscan
00000000000000d0 r __ksymtab_skip_spaces
00000000000001a0 r __ksymtab_strcasecmp
0000000000000150 r __ksymtab_strcat
0000000000000100 r __ksymtab_strchr
0000000000000120 r __ksymtab_strcmp
0000000000000180 r __ksymtab_strcpy
0000000000000080 r __ksymtab_strcspn
00000000000000c0 r __ksymtab_strim
0000000000000130 r __ksymtab_strlcat
0000000000000160 r __ksymtab_strlcpy
00000000000000b0 r __ksymtab_strlen
0000000000000190 r __ksymtab_strncasecmp
0000000000000140 r __ksymtab_strncat
00000000000000e0 r __ksymtab_strnchr
0000000000000110 r __ksymtab_strncmp
0000000000000170 r __ksymtab_strncpy
00000000000001b0 r __ksymtab_strnicmp
00000000000000a0 r __ksymtab_strnlen
0000000000000010 r __ksymtab_strnstr
0000000000000070 r __ksymtab_strpbrk
00000000000000f0 r __ksymtab_strrchr
0000000000000060 r __ksymtab_strsep
0000000000000090 r __ksymtab_strspn
0000000000000020 r __ksymtab_strstr
0000000000000050 r __ksymtab_sysfs_streq
                 U _ctype
00000000000003bd T memchr
00000000000002d2 T memcmp
00000000000002ef T memscan
0000000000000156 T skip_spaces
0000000000000000 T strcasecmp
00000000000000be T strcat
000000000000011f T strchr
00000000000000e1 T strcmp
000000000000008c T strcpy
000000000000021e T strcspn
000000000000017c T strim
00000000000004a1 T strlcat
00000000000003d9 T strlcpy
000000000000016b T strlen
0000000000000042 T strncasecmp
000000000000046a T strncat
0000000000000136 T strnchr
00000000000000fb T strncmp
000000000000009f T strncpy
000000000000040f T strnicmp
00000000000001de T strnlen
000000000000036a T strnstr
0000000000000242 T strpbrk
00000000000001bb T strrchr
0000000000000268 T strsep
00000000000001f7 T strspn
0000000000000307 T strstr
0000000000000292 T sysfs_streq

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