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Re: gas-2.20.90.pot errors

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: gas-2.20.90.pot errors
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 17:32:29 +0100
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Hi Jorma,

I have checked in a patch to fix the typos that you reported. There were a couple of other questions though:

#: config/tc-arm.c:2401
#, c-format
msgid "ignoring attempt to undefine built-in register '%s'"

I do not understand this one. Should it be redefine, not undefine ?

Actually no, "undefine" is correct. The message occurs when the user has something like this in their assembler source code:

  .unreq r1

The ".unreq" pseudo-op is used to remove a register name alias that was created by an earlier ".req" pseudo-op. But if the user tries to use it to undefine one of the standard register names then they receive the warning message shown above. Here is an example of the correct operation of the .unreq pseudo-op:

     arg1 .req r4
     arg2 .req r5

     add   arg2, arg1

     .unreq arg1
     .unreq arg2

So arg1 and arg are aliases for registers 4 and 5, and they are being used to make the code more readable. But they are undefined at the end of the definition of function foo, so that they will not affect code later on in the source file.

Perhaps a more understandable warning message would be:

  "ignoring attempt to use .unreq on a fixed register name"

What do you think ?

#: config/tc-ia64.c:6989
"  -xauto\t\t  automagically remove dependency violations (default)\n"
Should it be automatically here, not automagically (in -xauto) ?

Yes and no. "Automagically" is one of those computer geek puns. It means "automatically and in a somewhat magical way". It implies that not only will the feature happen without any user intervention, but also that it will do what the user wants without them even understanding how it works.

When translating, treating "automagically" as if it were "automatically" is perfectly acceptable.


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