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[Bug ld/12565] NOLOAD sections empty

From: jifl-bugzilla at jifvik dot org
Subject: [Bug ld/12565] NOLOAD sections empty
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2011 23:23:15 +0000


--- Comment #20 from Jonathan Larmour <jifl-bugzilla at jifvik dot org> 
2011-07-01 23:22:43 UTC ---
Hi Nicl,

(In reply to comment #16) 
> >
> > It is documented in ld.texinfo in the 'Output Section Type' node:
> > @item NOLOAD
> > The section should be marked as not loadable, so that it will not be
> > loaded into memory when the program is run.
> But that does not document the fact that the NOLOAD section will also be 
> without any contents.  This was the point that I was trying to get at.

Sorry I had thought you were asking whether there was any documentation on
NOLOAD at all. Evidently it was documented as including contents up to and
including 2.20.1. As per Alan's changes described in comment #14, it is only
then that what it said about contents was removed, becoming its current more
ambiguous state. Here's what it additionally said in 2.20.1:
   The linker normally sets the attributes of an output section based on
the input sections which map into it.  You can override this by using
the section type.  For example, in the script sample below, the `ROM'
section is addressed at memory location `0' and does not need to be
loaded when the program is run.  The contents of the `ROM' section will
appear in the linker output file as usual.
       ROM 0 (NOLOAD) : { ... }
The last sentence is the most relevant. Practice in the ldscripts of libgloss
and elsewhere fits with that.

Just to reiterate, if you want to replace NOLOAD with something which strips
contents, personally I think I should be able to deal with that in other ways.
But please don't keep NOLOAD but change its meaning from pre-2.21. That makes
problems harder to find. New behaviour should use a new name e.g. ALLOCONLY or

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