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[Bug gold/13245] PREVAILING_DEF reported too often.

From: hubicka at ucw dot cz
Subject: [Bug gold/13245] PREVAILING_DEF reported too often.
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2011 20:50:50 +0000


--- Comment #8 from hubicka at ucw dot cz 2011-10-02 20:50:50 UTC ---
> Yes, it does solve the problem here (I have 8GB of RAM and used a
> large swapfile on my SSD. It took ~10 minutes to output all ltrans.o 
> files).

I am surprised it converge with 8GB of RAM at all...

> -fprofile-generate should set -fno-lto automatically IMHO.

I suggested this at one point and richi didn't like it, forgot why.

Thanks for looking into this! It is good to know this is "the last bug" WRT LTO
linking of Mozilla ;)


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