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[Bug binutils/15151] archive support is broken

From: hp at sourceware dot org
Subject: [Bug binutils/15151] archive support is broken
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2013 17:18:36 +0000


Hans-Peter Nilsson <hp at sourceware dot org> changed:

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                 CC|                            |hp at sourceware dot org

--- Comment #1 from Hans-Peter Nilsson <hp at sourceware dot org> 2013-02-15 
17:18:36 UTC ---
Hey!  I was just about to email Nick about the fallout; cris-linux and cris-elf
have the following regressions, which I believe fit in this PR:

/tmp/hpautotest-binutils/bsrc/src/binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/ar.exp ...
FAIL: ar symbol table
FAIL: ar thin archive (bfdtest1)
FAIL: ar thin archive with nested archive (bfdtest1)
FAIL: ar deterministic archive
FAIL: ar deleting an element
FAIL: ar moving an element
FAIL: ar unique symbol in archive
FAIL: objcopy (objcopy decompress debug sections in archive)
FAIL: objcopy (objcopy compress debug sections in archive)

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