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[Bug binutils/19938] objcopy breaks sh_link and sh_info of SHT_SUNW_LDYN

From: nickc at redhat dot com
Subject: [Bug binutils/19938] objcopy breaks sh_link and sh_info of SHT_SUNW_LDYNSYM and SHT_SUNW_symsort sections
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 10:43:38 +0000


--- Comment #15 from Nick Clifton <nickc at redhat dot com> ---
Created attachment 9206
  --> https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=9206&action=edit
Proposed extra patch

Hi Ali, Hi Rainer.

  Please try out the extra patch on top of the latest mainline sources.  (I
  not checked it in as I would like to be a bit more certain this time that it
  does actually work this time...)

  The problem, I think, was that some of the input sections had the 
  SHF_INFO_LINK flag (correctly) set, but the corresponding output sections did 
  not.  This meant that the code that tried to match input sections to output 
  sections was rejecting a match with the proper output section, because of a 
  flag mistmatch.  So no matching section was found and no copying of the info 
  and link fields was attempted.  The patch fixes this problem my masking out
  the SHF_INFO_LINK bit when comparing sections.  It also makes sure that if
  the input section had the SHF_INFO_LINK flag set, and a match could be found,
  that the output section has the flag set too.

  This problem pointed out another bug to me - the target specific function 
  for setting the info and link fields would only be called if this match could
  be found.  Really it should have a chance to set the fields even if no match
  could be found.  The patch takes care of this problem too.

  I have tested the problem by objcopy'ing libc.so.1 and comparing the output,
  and by stripping libc.so.1 and comparing the output.  The results look better
  but they are still not perfect.  The .SUNW_version section has its sh_entsize
  field set to 0 in the copied/stripped executables for example.  I do not know
  if this is important.

  I also do not know anything about Solaris capabilities, so I am not sure if
  these sections are being copied correctly.

  Anyway please try out the patch and let me know what else needs to be done.


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