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[Bug ld/19985] ld/configure.tgt: LE ppc64 targets do not include BE emul

From: lenohou at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug ld/19985] ld/configure.tgt: LE ppc64 targets do not include BE emulations
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 03:31:36 +0000


--- Comment #13 from Leno Hou <lenohou at gmail dot com> ---
Hi Alan,

>> makefiles that wrongly passed -melf64ppc caused powerpc64le-linux-ld to give 
>> an >>obvious error relating to its command line rather than something more 
>> obscure.

aclocal -> automake -> libtoolize -> autoconf -> configure -> Makefile

 During this work flow, we've patched libtool.m4 as below which is make sure
generate correct Makefile and passed correct $LD="ld -m elf64lppc' to

>> I suppose most of those package problems have been fixed nowadays, so 
>> perhaps making the big-endian targets available isn't such a bad thing.

   So I must make sure that all packages with -melf64ppc was updated by
elibtoolize or eautoreconf. Then we'll enable big-endian targets on gentoo

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