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[Bug classpath/22749] Can't call Charset.decode twice

From: gcc-bugzilla at gcc dot gnu dot org
Subject: [Bug classpath/22749] Can't call Charset.decode twice
Date: 16 Oct 2005 01:26:59 -0000

If you attempt to call Charset.decode twice, you get an error. Seems like the
CharsetDecoder.decode(ByteBuffer) method should call reset() on itself having
finished a decode operation, so that the next call to decode doesn't complain
with an IllegalStateException.

------- Comment #1 from from-classpath at savannah dot gnu dot org  2004-07-15 
13:27 -------
Fixed by:

2004-07-15  Michael Koch  <address@hidden>

        * java/nio/charset/CharsetDecoder.java
        (decode): Fix for bug #9177: Reset state before flipping.



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