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[Bug awt/30106] JDK-1.0-style logical font names

From: roman at kennke dot org
Subject: [Bug awt/30106] JDK-1.0-style logical font names
Date: 14 Dec 2006 10:27:49 -0000

------- Comment #7 from roman at kennke dot org  2006-12-14 10:27 -------
I made some more testing with fonts, your patch and a small testprogram written
by myself:
- new Font("Dimnah", 0, 12) works for me both on Classpath and JDK and loads
the font on my system with that name. So the font constructors also recognize
physical font names.
- Interestingly enough, the old logical font name also don't work 100% with
your patch installed, except when I have the MS fonts installed on my system.
Would it make sense to map these names to the new logical names? Or does you
app rely on the name beeing preserved?



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