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Re: general coreutils feature requests

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: general coreutils feature requests
Date: Sat Nov 2 21:27:06 2002
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Padraig Brady <address@hidden> [2002-10-14 15:16:25 +0100]:
> du should have same color options as ls
> tree (Steve Baker (address@hidden)) should be part
[...I deleted items of which I really had no opinion...]

> ls should have an option so that ls ""
> prints a newline rather than
> ls: : No such file or directory
> This would allow you to group files in listings.

Huh?  I completely disagree about ls "" producing a newline.  If you
want to print a newline use either 'echo' or 'printf'.  But perhaps
you could expand upon what you are thinking.  It was not clear to me.

> od should support -tX (print hex in uppercase)

There is always

  tr '[[:lower:]]' '[[:upper:]]'

> jot would be a very nice addition
> Really should be a --sort-algorithm=.... option
> to sort, to allow you to add new ones cohesively.
> One new algoithm that would be very nice is a
> "filename" one that deals with . and [0-9] appropriately
> in filenames.

You are not thinking of something like the existing?

  ls --sort=version

> printf should provide higher level functions than stdio printf, including...
> %h for 1234567 -> 1,234,567
> %H for 1234567 -> 1.1M (diff options for base 10 and base 2)
> It should lookup the locale for the decimal char etc.
> perhaps %8 %2 etc, for arbitrary bases?
> maybe %us for toupper, %ls for tolower?
> implement %q and %b that bash does
> maybe %S for shell quoting
> '%3*s' '>' should print >>>
> %z for length of string

Wow, what a list!  Feel free to submit code patches to implement
those.  They will need to go through a review.


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