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Re: sort inconsistencies

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: sort inconsistencies
Date: Mon Nov 4 12:07:20 2002
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Padraig Brady <address@hidden> [2002-11-04 09:49:40 +0000]:
> >What is the output of 'locale'?  Does it show other settings?
> All en_US...
> >If you set LC_ALL to C or POSIX and try the experiment again what do
> >you get?
> >
> >  export LC_ALL=POSIX
> In summary all is consistent with POSIX or C
> System is standard RH7.3 (glibc 2.2.5).

Great!  Then I assume this solves your problem.

You might consider sending a bug report to your vendor concerning the
setting of LANG that was chosen for you.  This is not part of any GNU
program and not a bug in GNU sort.


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