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[PATCH] getcwd / PATH_MAX check in configure breaks on GNU

From: Robert Millan
Subject: [PATCH] getcwd / PATH_MAX check in configure breaks on GNU
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 19:51:07 +0200
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I sent a notification about this a while ago, but seems like the
message was lost. excuse me if you recieve the message twice.

btw, i just updated the patch because i forgot to fix m4/getcwd-path-max.m4,
see the bug comments in Savannah bts.

URL: http://savannah.gnu.org/patch/download.php?id=1416

description follows:

        the test that checks wether getcwd accepts paths longer than PATH_MAX
        works badly on systems where PATH_MAX is undefined, like GNU (aka 

        when PATH_MAX is not defined, it means there's no generic limit on the 
        of a path, and thus this kind of bug in getcwd cannot exist, so it 
        not be tested for it.

        see the comments added in the patch, they're quite explanative:


Robert Millan

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