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Re: [patch] zh_CN 'ls -l' alignment

From: Abel Cheung
Subject: Re: [patch] zh_CN 'ls -l' alignment
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 17:01:07 +0800
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Jim Meyering wrote:
| Hi Tim,
| Thanks for forwarding that.
| I accept translations (including most such fixes) from the Translation
| Project robot.  I'm Cc'ing the folks who have been contributing
| changes to that file in the hopes that they'll send in a new version
| for use in coreutils-5.0.1.

(Sorry for the long delay, I don't check this a/c daily)

This is not the correct fix. '%b %e %Y' format is used only in specific
countries (is it US only?), and Chinese dates don't use such format.
Chinese dates are either expressed as '%Y-%m-%d' or '%Y<y>%m<m>%d<d>',
where <y>,<m>,<d> are chinese characters representing year, month and
day respectively.

The width of latter form is equivalent to 14 english character, so if it
is used, then one must add one extra space to pad the zh_CN translation
of '%b %e %H:%M' (which has the width of 13 eng char). Alternatively,
the short form '%Y-%m-%d' is used with extra space padding.

Besides, I'd suggest coreutils maintainers to add comments before these
entries in order to warn translators -- tell them that spacing of these
2 msgid entries much be matched.


| Tim Waugh <address@hidden> wrote:
|>"The filename field of the command 'ls -l' is not properly aligned
|> under the locale zh_CN.GB18030."
|>Here is a patch that fixes it.
|>--- coreutils-5.0/po/zh_CN.po.datealign    2003-05-28 10:04:27.000000000
|>+++ coreutils-5.0/po/zh_CN.po      2003-05-28 10:04:28.000000000 +0100
|>@@ -3065,7 +3065,7 @@
|> #: src/ls.c:673
|> msgid "%b %e  %Y"
|>-msgstr "%Y-%m-%d "
|>+msgstr "%b %e  %Y"
|> #: src/ls.c:681
|> msgid "%b %e %H:%M"

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