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Re: textutils version 2.1 bug

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: textutils version 2.1 bug
Date: 17 Jul 2003 23:58:16 -0700
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"Parimi, Venkateshwara Rao" <address@hidden> writes:

> >You should be able to find that out by running "ksh -x ./configure"
> >instead of plain "./configure".
> I have tried it as well but nothing is reported except few additional
> details in the beginning of the script like SHELL etc.

"nothing is reported"?  I get 43904 lines of output, starting with:

   + set -o emacs
   + alias dirs=echo $PWD $OLDPWD
   + alias hi=fc -l -10
   + : dew.twinsun.com
   + PS1=!-${HOSTNAME%%.*} \$ 
   + test -n 
   + test -n 
   + 1> /dev/null 2>& 1
   + as_unset=unset
   + PS1=$ 
   + PS2=> 
   + PS4=+ 
   + unset LANG
   + unset LANGUAGE
   + unset LC_ADDRESS

You mention that you have another Solaris 2.6 host that works properly.
Does "ksh -x configure" work OK for you on that host?  If so, where
do the hosts start to differ?

> Changing it to "#!/usr/bin/env perl -w" should be fine.

But I recall that some systems don't support multiple args in #!.

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