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Re: coreutils-5.0.90 problems on Crays

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: coreutils-5.0.90 problems on Crays
Date: 11 Aug 2003 00:33:43 -0700
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Wendy Palm <address@hidden> writes:

> ! #    if UINT_MAX == _UINT_MAX_64
> !       typedef unsigned int md5_uint32;
> ! #    else
> !       /* The following line is intended to evoke an error.
> !          Using #error is not portable enough.  */
> !       "Cannot determine unsigned 32-bit data type."
> ! #    endif

Sorry, I don't quite follow the need for this change.  Does that host
have a working <limits.h>?  If so, <limits.h> should define UINT_MAX,

Is the problem that there is no 32-bit integer type on that platform?
I worry that the code won't work in that case: it really assumes the
presence of a 32-bit int.

I have the same questions about the similar change to src/shred.c.

> ! bin_PROGRAMS = \[ chgrp chown chmod cp dd dircolors du \

Ouch.  I suspect that this will break 'make' programs on other hosts,
as there's no backslash-escape mechanism like that in standard 'make'.

What exactly is the problem if you use it without the backslash?
Perhaps there's another way to work around the problem.

> + #ifdef _UNICOS
> + int endusershell ();
> + int setusershell ();
> + #else
>   void endusershell ();
>   void setusershell ();
> + #endif /* _UNICOS */

I notice that su.c already does this:

/* Hide any system prototype for getusershell.
   This is necessary because some Cray systems have a conflicting
   prototype (returning `int') in <unistd.h>.  */
#define getusershell _getusershell_sys_proto_

Does a similar trick work for endusershell and setusershell?
That would be more consistent.

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