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[suggestion] "install" and symlinks

From: Herve Autret
Subject: [suggestion] "install" and symlinks
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 14:09:14 +0100

Hi there,

As "install" can take care of the code in an installed files, by
stripping it, it could take care of the symlinks when installing

For now, "install" copies the symlinks as "cp" does, so the target
directory will contain one copy of the target file per symlink.
Provided that the link *was* valid, of course. But none of these
files won't ever reflect any change in the target file that should
have been the symlink's target.

So, what about having the "install" program treating symlinks by the
same way as "cp -d" does ?

The thing could be:
        "If the target symlink *will* point on something when in the
         target directory, so we can copy it into that directory".

Best regards
Hervé Autret

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