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Head isnt working as expected

From: Karthik Shanmugam
Subject: Head isnt working as expected
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 16:17:52 +0530

hi guyz!!
I gotta  problem with the head command. I was trying to read first few lines of 
.sh_history file with the command
cat .sh_history | head -3
but the result wasnt the expected one. instead it juz prints the first line.
When I openned the .sh_history file, i found ^A^A[ header] in the first row. I 
would like to know whether the strange operation of the head is induced by this 
header.The tail comand was working fine
How to remove the header from a file using a shell scirpt???
Kindly throw light on these topics ASAP
Karthik S

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