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Re: [PATCH] Makes sort create random order

From: Frederik Eaton
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Makes sort create random order
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 04:50:27 -0800
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Oh, I forgot to respond.

> This is not really what you are asking for.  But when I need this
> functionality I do it in the shell.  Here is an example.  I am not
> particular about the exact type of non-ordered output.
>   seq 1 20 > /tmp/datafile
>   for i in $(<datafile); do echo $RANDOM $i; done \
>     | sort -n | sed 's/^[0-9][0-9]* //'
> A friend introduced me to that trick a few years ago and I have been
> using it ever since.  $RANDOM is a ksh/bash specific feature.  It is
> not POSIX but is widely available.

Knowing about $RANDOM is useful, thanks.

> > 3. Is there a way to subscribe to this mailing list?
> You can do it with a single line cut and paste command.
>   echo subscribe | mailx -s request address@hidden
> The -request part is a very important part of that command.


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