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question for cp tools

From: 정병훈
Subject: question for cp tools
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 10:15:13 +0900

Hello. I have a question for cp tools.

CP tool is so convenient for make processing, but I’ve had trouble with
copying some files.


cp: will not overwrite just-created `../../1H/uimdrv.h' with

cp: will not overwrite just-created `../../1H/sisdecoder.h' with

make: *** [update_header_to_dir] Error 1



Here is a part make statements



             @cp -fpu $(HEADER_FILE_LIST3_FILTERED) $(INCLUDE_FILE_PATH)  


There’s no problem with cp version 4.1. Does cp version 5.2.1 have
different execution context?

--remove-destination(I guess version 5.2.1’s new option) option result in
same effect, instead of -f.


Thanks for reading my poor English, thanks in advance.

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