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Re: Feature request, mv

From: Joshua Hudson
Subject: Re: Feature request, mv
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 08:36:16 -0700

On 5/10/06, Jim Meyering <address@hidden> wrote:
Thanks to Joshua for the report and to Eric for pursuing it.
There is indeed a bug.

Before the fix, mv would unnecessarily unlink the destination symlink:
  $ rm -rf s[12]; ln -s / s1; ln -s /tmp s2; strace -qe unlink /bin/mv -T s1 s2
  unlink("s2") = 0

With the fix, it doesn't call unlink:
  $ rm -rf s[12]; ln -s / s1; ln -s /tmp s2; strace -qe unlink ./mv -T s1 s2

Thanks guys. The patch doesn't apply to 5.94 so I can't tell if it worked.

If you're curious this came from me trying to get mv to do
sys_rename("source", "target") when target existed and was a directory.
I'm quite certain that I am far outside of POSIX here though because I
expect the rename to succeed in this case.
Yeah, ln -d works, no privileges required.

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