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Re: make check "failure" on Itanium HPUX

From: mwoehlke
Subject: Re: make check "failure" on Itanium HPUX
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 16:48:51 -0500
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Jim Meyering wrote:
mwoehlke <address@hidden> wrote:
mwoehlke wrote:
This is a little odd... 'make' exits non-zero when doing 'make
check' (help-version) on Itanium Linux, but the tests all seem to
pass. Here is the relevant verbose output:
...and similarly on HPUX, although the tests pass, 'make check' just
*fails*, and in this case I'm not seeing why. I'm attaching the log in
case anyone spots something I didn't. (Maybe it's the same problem?)

This bit looks like the cause:
        t=ls-files.$$;                                          \
        (cd . && ls -1 *.x) | sed 's/\.x$//' | LC_ALL=C sort > $t;\
        echo base64.1 basename.1 cat.1 chgrp.1 chmod.1 chown.1 chroot.1 cksum.1 
comm.1 cp.1 csplit.1 cut.1 date.1 dd.1 df.1 dir.1 dircolors.1 dirname.1 du.1 
echo.1 env.1 expand.1 expr.1 factor.1 false.1 fmt.1 fold.1 groups.1 head.1 
hostid.1 hostname.1 id.1 install.1 join.1 kill.1 link.1 ln.1 logname.1 ls.1 
md5sum.1 mkdir.1 mkfifo.1 mknod.1 mv.1 nice.1 nl.1 nohup.1 od.1 paste.1 
pathchk.1 pinky.1 pr.1 printenv.1 printf.1 ptx.1 pwd.1 readlink.1 rm.1 rmdir.1 
seq.1 sha1sum.1 sha224sum.1 sha256sum.1 sha384sum.1 sha512sum.1 shred.1 shuf.1 
sleep.1 sort.1 split.1 stat.1 stty.1 su.1 sum.1 sync.1 tac.1 tail.1 tee.1 
test.1 touch.1 tr.1 true.1 tsort.1 tty.1 uname.1 unexpand.1 uniq.1 unlink.1 
uptime.1 users.1 vdir.1 wc.1 who.1 whoami.1 yes.1 | tr -s ' ' '\n' | sed 
's/\.1$//'     \
          | LC_ALL=C sort | diff - $t || { rm $t; exit 1; };            \
        rm $t
/usr/bin/posix/sh[5]: 12357 Memory fault(coredump)
make[2]: *** [check-x-vs-1] Error 1

Yup, it does; didn't spot that. But...

(do you have "/usr/bin/posix" in your shell's search path?)

...no I don't.

$ which -a sh
$ ll /usr/bin/sh
-r-xr-xr-x 2 bin bin 544232 Aug  8  2002 /usr/bin/sh

So unless this is some weird HPUX thing I'm not sure where /usr/bin/posix/sh came from. Anyway, to me that looks like a fluke since 'make check' shouldn't be doing anything in 'man', yes? IOW this one can be safely ignored?

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