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Re: new coreutils snapshot; are they useful?

From: Olivier Delhomme
Subject: Re: new coreutils snapshot; are they useful?
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 20:20:06 +0100

Le Wed, 14 Feb 2007 14:48:08 +0100, Jim Meyering disait :

> I'll stop providing them.  Actually, that wouldn't be too surprising,
> since the process of checking out the code and running "./bootstrap &&
> ./configure && make && make dist" probably works fine for most people
> who try, these days.

On my debian system, the automake package is only at version 1.9.6 and
not 1.10 as requested. Anyway I modified the incriminated line in the
configure.ac file and the whole procedure just ran ok ! Is there any 
special reason to require automake 1.10 version ?

Olivier Delhomme : http://blog.delhomme.org/    [fr]

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