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Re: cp alphabetical

From: Andrés Ghigliazza
Subject: Re: cp alphabetical
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 15:19:16 -0300


Thanks very much for your answer.

I use wildcards for copying alphabetical, but it would be much more
easy to copying alphabetical with -r option. I mean, I have
directories like "artist/album"; with wildcards, I can copy
alphabetical all the songs, but I have to create all the directories
before (or use a script to do that). If there was an option for
copying alphabetical, I could copy all the albums of an artist, or
various artist with one command. For example, "cp -r -alphabetical
artist1 /media/disk", would copy all the albums from artist1 at once,

I know that many music players play the songs in the order of their
names, but I don't have problem with that, because my files have the
track number at the beggining of their name.



On 6/19/07, Bob Proulx <address@hidden> wrote:
Andrés Ghigliazza wrote:
> It would be useful to me, that cp has an option to copy files
> alphabetical.

By default cp used with shell wildcards will already copy files
alphabetically due to the shell's sorting of file globs when they are


  mkdir test
  cd test
  touch aaa zzz bbb
  echo cp * /tmp/
  cp aaa bbb zzz /tmp/

The files presented to cp by the shell's file glob are sorted.
Is this not what you are seeing?  If not could you debug why not?

This is a feature of the shell and is influenced by the 'locale'
setting when you started the shell.  The locale setting defines the
character collation sequence sort order.

> The reason is, that there are some portable music players that, play
> the songs in the order that were copied to its flash memory.

Interesting.  Most music players that I have encountered play them in
the order of sorted filenames.  Therefore a common need is to rename
the files into "playlist" order with a leading sort-forcing string.


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