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Bug in ls in coreutils-6.9 (Slackware 12.0, anyway)

From: Jim Diamond
Subject: Bug in ls in coreutils-6.9 (Slackware 12.0, anyway)
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 20:47:29 -0300
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It seems "ls -x" has brain damage on Slackware 12.0, which uses coreutils.

% /bin/ls
fstab  rc.d  X11

% /bin/ls -x
X11    rc.d  X11

% env LC_ALL=en /bin/ls -x
X11  fstab  rc.d

% env LC_ALL=en_US /bin/ls -x
X11    rc.d  X11

Changing LC_COLLATE and LANG seem to have no effect.

If I can provide any other info, don't hesitate to mail me.  And if
this is a Slackware bug (which seems unlikely to me), sorry for the
false alarm.


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