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script (util-linux)

From: Vladimir Giszpenc
Subject: script (util-linux)
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 10:37:20 -0400


Is there any chance the script -q could be changed to not add " Script
started on %s"?  It would be a lot quieter and it would take only a simple 

If (!qflg)

       fprintf(fscript, _("Script started on %s"), obuf);

I would gladly make the change, but there may be political reasons not to
change it.  

--The rest of this email is not necessarily a bug. It is at least a
limitation that should be documented.

I found a race condition occurs in script between the grandchild process
actually executing the command (causing the signal to fire when done) and
the assignment of the child pid as a result of the fork() call.

Given a short lived program (I was testing with hostname), I called 
        script -c hostname

This can lock up if the signal handler executes before the fork() call
assigns the value of the (grand)child pid to the variable child.

If you call script in a loop, it is bound to occur within a couple of


Vladimir Giszpenc

FYI  I am looking at:

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