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Re: [RFC] linecut addition

From: Matthew Woehlke
Subject: Re: [RFC] linecut addition
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2007 12:49:44 -0500
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Steven Schubiger wrote:
Would `linecut --range 1:2,3:4,-100:-1` be considered sensible?

Do you plan to have a means of specifying a number of lines? E.g.:

$ seq 10 | linecut --range 5,+3

@Jim, 'addr1,addr2' syntax belongs to sed, so I would argue it isn't "new". It's also easier to type when specifying only one range :-).

Btw, how do you match 5 through end? '5,-0'? What does a reversed range (e.g. '5,2') match?

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