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new snapshot

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: new snapshot
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007 00:21:47 +0100

Here are the usual tarballs and signatures.

3.5M  http://meyering.net/cu/coreutils-6.9-ss.tar.lzma
8.5M  http://meyering.net/cu/coreutils-6.9-ss.tar.gz


3.5M  http://meyering.net/cu/coreutils-6.9-375-3e3f8.tar.lzma
8.5M  http://meyering.net/cu/coreutils-6.9-375-3e3f8.tar.gz


Thanks to everyone who's given feedback.
I really want to make a test release soon, but there are some minor problems:

  1 bootstrap failure (minor)
  2 "make check" fails on solaris due to use of /bin/sh vs. test-lib.sh
    and my new policy that using $(cmd) is now fair game in test scripts.
    Working around Solaris' ancient /bin/sh will require something like
    the re-exec-self-with-decent-shell trick used in configure.
    Just need to write it.  This isn't a big deal: the work-around is
    to run this:

      find tests -type f|xargs perl -pi -e 's,^\#! ?/bin/sh$,#!/bin/ksh,'

A patch to fix #2 properly would be most welcome,
since I am not inclined to do it.  FYI, I feel about this the same
way I feel about uglifying C code to make it compile absolutely
everywhere.  We have to draw the line, and I want shell functions and
$(cmd) (not `cmd`) notation in scripts.  At worst, don't run the tests.
If you're interested, autoconf's _AS_DETECT_REQUIRED macro looks
promising.  It might be able to generate code to be used in coreutils'
tests/test-lib.sh that would re-exec a usable shell, when necessary.

Here are the ChangeLog entries since the 354-68c33a snapshot:

2007-11-01  Jim Meyering  <address@hidden>

        * tests/misc/printf-surprise: Correct sed transform.
        Reported by Bob Proulx.

        Add example inspired by "make dist" running gzip and lzma in sequence.
        * doc/coreutils.texi (tee invocation): Show how to run tar just
        once, compressing the tee'd output streams in parallel.

        Say that the first process substitution example is contrived.
        * doc/coreutils.texi (tee invocation): ... and show how to do
        it properly.  Pointed out by James Antill.

        Use mktemp, not mkdtemp, to create test directories.
        * tests/test-lib.sh: Use the mktemp binary we've just built,
        not the mkdtemp script.
        * tests/mkdtemp: Remove file.
        * tests/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Remove mkdtemp.

        Adjust a seq subtest not to depend on the vagaries of floating point.
        * tests/misc/seq (float-3): Use 10.94 as the endpoint, not 10.95,
        since 10.95 was precisely in the middle of the interval, and with
        a %.1f format could map to either 10.9 or 11.0.
        Reported by Mike Frysinger

        Make the new printf-surprise test more precise.
        * tests/test-lib.sh (require_ulimit_): New function.
        * tests/misc/printf-surprise: Use ulimit -v to trigger the fixed bug,
        and rather than checking printf's exit status (which would go wrong
        on FreeBSD 6.1, since their printf(3) function doesn't require
        lots of memory in this case) simply test whether it outputs
        the first 10 bytes.

        Accommodate FreeBSD 6.1 hard-link-to-symlink differences.
        * tests/cp/same-file: Detect when linking to a symlink links to
        the target of the symlink (FreeBSD 6.1 does this, Linux does not),
        and skip the few tests that would otherwise fail.
        Redirect output of final comparison to stderr, since all stdout
        is already redirected.

2007-10-31  Jim Meyering  <address@hidden>

        Fix a "make distcheck" failure.
        * Makefile.maint (my-distcheck): Don't stub-out dirname,
        since build-aux/check.mk now uses it.

        * bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add xprintf-posix.

2007-10-30  Jim Meyering  <address@hidden>

        Avoid seq floating-point test failure on FreeBSD 6.1.
        * tests/misc/seq (float-4): Also accept -0.0.

2007-10-29  Jim Meyering  <address@hidden>

        Change a "make dist" diagnostic.
        * GNUmakefile: Don't imply that $(_curr-ver) is the new version string.

2007-10-29  Bob Proulx  <address@hidden>

        Improve color terminal escape usage.
        * build-aux/check.mk (am__tty_colors): Use 'tput' to deduce
        terminal color capabilities.

2007-10-29  Jim Meyering  <address@hidden>

        Don't try to colorize a dumb terminal.
        * build-aux/check.mk (am__tty_colors): Skip colors if $TERM is "dumb".
        Thanks to Bob Proulx.

        Remove gnulib's printf-posix module, for now.
        * bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): It caused too many test failures.

        Remove spurious semicolon after "else".
        * build-aux/check.mk (am__tty_colors): Fix syntax error.

        If $TERM is empty, don't use colors.  This helps the buildbot,
        since it produces its result in an environment with a tty, but
        we don't want color codes in that case.
        * build-aux/check.mk (am__tty_colors): Test for nonempty $TERM.
        Suggestion from Bob Proulx.

        Always initialize terminal colorization string variables.
        * build-aux/check.mk (am__tty_colors): Always initialize red, grn, etc.,
        In case they're defined in the environment.

        Avoid test failure in non-srcdir build vs. the git tree.
        * tests/check.mk (vc_exe_in_TESTS): Run this test only in a
        srcdir build directory.  Reported by Andreas Schwab.

2007-10-28  Jim Meyering  <address@hidden>

        Define ENOTSUP, not ENOSYS.  Needed on OpenBSD 3.9.
        * gl/lib/se-context.in.h (ENOTSUP): Define if missing.
        * gl/lib/se-selinux.in.h: Likewise.

        Define ENODATA, for FreeBSD 5.0 and 6.1.
        * src/system.h (ENODATA): Define, if missing.

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